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Empowering children in need to believe in themselves

3 October 2019, Porto, Portugal

This original clothing, with its sophisticated, modern and bold design, makes children feel playful, gives them added energy and gain super-powers. That increased their self-esteem and interpersonal relationships”. Isabel Aragão, Director, Ronald McDonald House Charities Portugal

The event

Playtime – the premiere trade shows for kid's fashion and lifestyle – held its Paris edition with over 500 collections and 6.000 professional visitors on 25-27 January. It selected WEEROES Defender Herolook as one of their top silhouettes, which the creator – Duarte Pitta Ferraz – named in honour of his child.


The Defender Herolook

Inspired in the heroes of Greek and Roman mythology, with Red and Aqua contrasts and use of gold and sparkle, this is one of children’s favourite looks of the WEEROES Herowear collection.

The use of Shorts with frontal flaps allows it to be a unisex look and an extractable cape from the sparkling Copper Backpack creates moments of pride and fun for children wanting to be Heroes.

A playful and exquisite set of headband, wristbands and legbands create an opportunity for additional excitement and empowerment.

The Defender naming is in honour of WEEROES creator’s child and is coincidentally their favourite Herolook.


Presence and Interest

Showcasing the 5 main fabrics of our Herowear collection as capes on the shoulders of giants, with the respective Herolooks in front drew attention from visitors and their children.

Often stopping in their tracks or purposefully visiting the Booth, visitors were left smiling and in awe as they became fans of the sophisticated, comfortable and everyday quality Herowear which is an exciting alternative to traditional costumes and licensed casualwear generally available.



Aimed at creating a World full of Heroes by inspiring children to be Heroes through fun, bold and empowering clothes, WEEROES is incorporated in Spain and manufactures responsibly in Portugal. It partners with Ronald McDonald House Charities to empower children under medical treatments through the use of WEEROES Herowear. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Duarte lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Americas and Oceania in Management Consulting, Sales, Marketing and Business Development before launching WEEROES, a passion project inspired by his child.


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