Free Worldwide Shipping


How can I pay for my order?
All payments are through via Shopify Payments System. Your card details are communicated directly to Shopify under a secure connection managed by them and not communicated nor kept on our website's servers. WEEROES uses SSL encryption to protect your navigation in our website. Always check that you are under a secure connection, indicated as in your browser address bar.
When will my order arrive?
Orders are shipped from Portugal. You'll receive a tracking code by email once they are shipped.
How do you deliver my order?
We use reliable mail or courier services which offer order tracking, customer support and convenient methods of delivery or pick-up at service points near you (subject to availability in your country).
Do you offer free shipping?
Yes we do! All orders qualify for "Free Shipping" which is automatically applied at checkout. If you have any doubts or issues, please contact us.
Can I return my order?
Of course. Your child's Happiness is Guaranteed, but you can inform us within 14 days of receiving your order that you wish to return all or part of the items purchased. Items must be returned to us within 14 days of notifying us. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions on our return process.
Where are WEEROES clothes made?
WEEROES clothes are designed and made in Portugal, under our careful supervision.
How are WEEROES clothes made?
We take pride and care in ensuring we visit and inspect the facilities involved and we work closely with our production suppliers. Our suppliers use no child labour, no forced labour, comply with Health and Safety regulations, allow workers Freedom of Association, are protected in terms of Equality and provided an environment free from discrimination, harassment and abuse, comply with legal requirements in terms of working hours and remuneration.
Are WEEROES clothes certified?
We aim to use quality fabrics which are comfortable and safe for our children. Almost all our fabrics are sourced locally and OEKO-TEX compliant.
Do WEEROES clothes make children Heroes?
No, it's only the first step. Our clothes make children feel special and usually empower them to be braver. Families should harness the spirit that wearing them creates and use them to talk to their children about what it means to really be a Hero.
Do WEEROES capes and wings make children fly?
No, but it normally makes them a lot more physically active... Who can stay still when they have wings?
Nonetheless, we find it wonderful to say "you can fly, but only if I help" and then pick them up in the air over your head - our way: their arms extended out, legs closely together, one hand picks up their legs, the other their chest and raise them up above your head.