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Our Origin and Mission

"I want to be a superhero when I grow up. I have the clothes. My superpower is protecting my friends."
A., 5 year-old WEEROES
I hand-made a hero costume for my 4 year-old child. Hear about it in our TV interview here.
 Kids love dressing like heroes. They want to do it everyday.
The World needs more Heroes, so let's inspire our kids to be our future generation of Heroes!

Together with Cristina, who has worked for over 25 years with premium European children clothing brands, WEEROES was born.

Incorporated in Portugal, it’s a personal passion project born out of my love for my child.

Creating a World full of Heroes
Your child wanting to be a Hero is a powerful start. How can we harness that passion and make it real?
Dressing as a hero is only the start. Raising children to become Heroes takes a lot of effort and we want to help.


  Children wearing hero kids clothes


We cooperate with Charity Partners that protect and develop youths, like Ronald McDonald House Charities - to help them and to create opportunities for our WEEROES families to be Heroes.

 WEEROES kicked off their collaboration with a Ronald McDonald House by dressing their children in their favourite Herowear. Check out our social feeds to see their reactions when they dressed like the Heroes they are in their annual gala.


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