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WEEROES Twilight Rainbow Silver Jacket
Our most exquisite piece, half of the times sold with the Twilight Blue Wings. Thanks to its exclusive 100% cotton shell, it breathes naturally, making it an all year round piece.
WEEROES Defender Aqua and Copper Shorts
Our most shiny and dynamic piece, shorts protect privacy and frontal flaps encourage movement. Soft inside of a similar material as scuba suits and incredibly shiny on the outside.
WEEROES Sky Patroller Black Sweatshirt
One of our most versatile and comfortable pieces. The chest power design boosts children's confidence and presence. Chest area is protected while short sleeves are practical for child's play. 
Shiny bright red WEEROES logo emblazoned on high-quality cotton, it's comfortable and a top pick regardless of the herolook chosen. Be part of the team!

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