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Father creates childrenwear brand to inspire kids to be Heroes

19 July 2019, Madrid, Spain

WEEROES made its Herowear children’s clothing and accessories collections available today on a soft-launch. Inspired in children’s heroes, it seeks to inspire and empower children to be the future generation of Heroes the World needs.

The idea

After making a costume of their child’s favourite hero, seeing how they loved it and wanted to wear it every day, Duarte Pitta Ferraz, started thinking about kids relationship with heroes.

Heroes can be role models for wholesome values like selflessness and helping others, so WEEROES is a way to drive children to commit towards behaving like Heroes by dressing like the heroes they want to be.


Herowear collection: It’s not a costume, it’s who they are.

Having partnered with a design studio in Portugal with over 25 years’ experience with some of the top premium European children clothing brands, WEEROES is for everyday use, with comfortable and sophisticated materials being made into clothing aimed at excitement, fun and activity.

Complementing clothing pieces are a line of accessories that increase children’s activity and interpersonal relationships by incentivizing them to playing with others.

Clothes are inspired in TV and movie heroes of children aged 2-8 years old, but rather than using licensed characters, Duarte and the designers studied the dressing styles of children’s heroes to create clothing that doesn’t identify with any single character. This allows children to create their own independent hero personality.



Aimed at creating a World full of Heroes by inspiring children to be Heroes, WEEROES is incorporated in Spain and manufactures responsibly in Portugal. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Duarte lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Americas and Oceania in Management Consulting, Sales, Marketing and Business Development before launching WEEROES, a passion project inspired by his child.


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