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Style, not gender

 “Shop for Boys”. “Shop for Girls”.

The World is going through a transition it hasn’t seen ever since the Women’s Rights movements over a century ago. Society is evolving away from the situation of women not having equal rights as men. However, change is not global, there are always pockets in society in need of action, from whole countries and cities to companies. The World can be a nice place to live in, but sometimes it’s harder for some than others.

I’ve experienced front and centre how more difficult it can be out there for women than men. I have a daughter and I try to raise her in an innocent reality that her accomplishments don’t rely on her gender, but in the back of my mind I wonder if the World will have changed enough when her time comes to walk it by herself.


To help the World on its' way, I steered WEEROES clothes towards a gender neutral approach. All designs can be worn by girls and boys irrespective of stereotypes. Pink is not for girls and blue is not for boys. Differences in our clothes are about style: after analysing children's hero characters, my conclusion is there are two styles WEEROES will focus on: Super and Magic. It has nothing to do with gender.

Super is a style which is richer in primary colours, more solids, more contrast, more bluntness and impact. Magic is a style I see richer in more pale tones, subtlety, fluidness, natural shine and other light effects. Which style kids like the most should be up to them.

I’ve seen boys say their favourite heroes are My Little Pony and girls say their favourite is Spiderman - have you seen Gwen from Spiderverse? In the Comics world, google “Hero Gender Bender” and you'll be presented with awesome examples of hero characters that are portrayed in the opposite gender. Girls can be super and boys can be magical. Girls can be magical and boys can be super. But it should be authentic, not driven by the lenses of society.
The new Carol Danvers “Captain Marvel” character shows girls don’t need to wear dresses to strike a presence in the world. There’s nothing wrong with dresses, let’s not forget Thor wears a sort of skirt and nobody questions his power and presence... My only concern with skirts is practicality. When you climb up a tree, do a loop on monkey bars or jump from a rock onto the ground below, that underwear doesn't go showing...

Which is why the only dress WEEROES has – my mother asked me to please keep it – will be paired with a super cool set of shorts and pants. Practicality and Power. The time when heroes had to go around with their underwear outside their pants is over.

My clothes are my message to my daughter that I’ll be with her every step of the way, giving her the guidance and extra boost she may need whilst she walks the World.

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