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In memoriam George Floyd and victims of Authoritarian Violence

"It can be dangerous" was the reply of a child when we asked why they said they wouldn't do anything if they saw someone hurt a friend.

Yes, it can be dangerous, very good. But what else could you do? After a bit of thinking, they remembered they could call a grown-up. And they became happy knowing a new way of being a Hero. We hope when the time comes, they'll remember it.

The case of George Floyd and all cases of Authoritarian Violence, are more terrible than most because authorities are entities which society sets as references, grants stronger powers and special privilege because of their role in society.

Teaching a child that calling the authorities may be a bad thing is not acceptable. Not all Heroes wear badges. But we must ensure all those wearing badges aren't Villains.

Otherwise, we'd better take out our Anne Frank children's book and get ready to explain why she had to hide and be quiet when the police passed by the house.

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