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Hero Workout Game

Even though times are tough, we know you're trying your best!
 It's now been several weeks, even months, since people have had to change their daily routines to stay safe and keep others safe. At home, our WEEROES have adjusted well to the new routines. They play and do activities, leave us to work - most of the time - and have responded well to video calling friends, family and school!
As part of our routines, we exercise regularly in the living room and we created this game to make it more fun! My WEEROES loved it so we'd like to share it with you!
Just print it out and cut-out the playing pieces on the right.
Find one dice, put on your best looking herowear and put the WEEROES Spotify playlist on play!
The youngest goes first! Start on the "Let's Go" space and roll the dice!
Everyone has to do the exercises that each on lands on!
Game finishes once everyone has taken one full lap around the board! If you're still in the mood for more, take another lap!
We guarantee this game is Boredom Proof, just like our clothes!

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