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Hero books to inspire kids

Heroes have been a way to inspire people from the beginning of Humanity. Cavemen drawings were the first form of "comic books", showing tales of adventures and later, ancient civilizations all around the World used Myths to tell stories, teach values and pass on knowledge.

Heroes are today very associated with comic books, but this isn't a list of those, it's a list of Hero-related children books - engaging and create texts, big images and positive, inspiring messages - that we find, love and share here. We'll show the English versions, but check with your local bookstore if they've been translated to your language!

This will be a live post where we'll add more books as we go along, so here's our last update date: 30th September 2019

The Big Book of Superpowers - by Susanna Isern, Rocío Bonilla (Illustrations)

Superheroes have superpowers, abilities like strength or invisibility or flight. But did you know that ordinary kids have superpowers too? From dancing to reading to persistence and optimism, all of us have a superpower that makes us special and unique, a special ability that enables us to make a difference in the world. What's your superpower? With eighteen stories of kids with everyday superpowers, The Big Book of Superpowers will inspire kids to look inside and find what makes them extraordinary!

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The Wolf that wanted to be a superhero ("Le loup qui voulait etre un super-heros"), by Orianne Lallemand, Eleonore Thuillier

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? This Wolf will charm you with his quirky humor and fun-loving personality. Follow his brand-new adventure—where nothing is what it seems! Becoming a superhero: What a great idea, thinks the Wolf! No sooner said than done, our Wolf slips into his tights and cape... and starts looking for someone to save! Did you say easy? Not so sure when you're super clumsy!

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Life as a Mini Hero, by Olivier Tallec

Being a hero is hard! Check-out these mini heroes as they ride the emotional rollercoaster of life, you’ll see. Clad in bright suits that bespeak their daring deeds, these mini heroes live their daily lives assailed by all sorts of difficulty and disaster. Whether jumping rope on the playground, eating towers of ice-cream, or hanging upside-down from the ceiling, they are never short of plans and prospects! Sometimes, it’s true, they have to pause, which may be the greatest challenge of all.

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I hope you and your child enjoy these stories as much as my child and I did!

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