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Black Panther as a kid

Black Panther. A first.
 So I took Shade - their heroname - over to our Sky Patroller look, one we developed for the more dramatic, darker heroes. Slightly darker red with textured black inserts. And Blackbird wings, of course. I said Sky Patroller didn't I? They went Full Gear up: sweatshirt, pants, vest and wings.
Before running off to team up and go heroing with a 3 year old Streak, I had a nice talk with Shade:
Why is Black Panther your hero?
Because he protects his village, he's strong and has a suit that gives him power to save people.
So you need to be strong to help people?
And what about when Black Panther was a kid? Was he a hero?
Shade wasn't expecting this one... Their hero, a kid? The thought stopped them in their tracks. They even stopped suiting up... Their eyes rolled up, giving careful thought to this new concept: what did a grown-up hero do when they were children?
It came to them like a shining light:
"He saved other kids!"
From there on, Shade was convinced: They too could be a Hero!
They got into their hero look, played for a bit and then came back and sat down quietly creating their hero identity mask.
This is one of my child's favourite herolooks as well. The mid-length sweatshirt is ideal for days that aren't too cold nor too warm or climatized environments like shopping centers. The blackbird wings can be tagged onto the back of the vest or the sweatshirt. The black textured inserts give the whole look a more solid and cool presence. The whole look is in cotton, so breathing and comfort are excellent. A touch of elastane gives it the elasticity it needs to stay in shape even when my kid is climbing a jungle gym or just running and jumping around.
Shade had a super smile, played with a 3 year old Streak and is now all set to be one more child on the right path to help save the World!

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