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Our story

WEEROES Kids Clothing S.L.U. is incorporated in Madrid, Spain, wholly owned by me, Duarte Julio Pitta Ferraz

It’s a personal passion project born out of my love for my child and children; my wish that they enjoy their childhoods before growing up; and my desire to help families help them become stronger, smarter and kinder Humans.


I understood that a few years ago. And I couldn’t have done it without my child – Star.

They were never fond of grown up clothes and bland kid’s fashion. They’re no haute-couture expert, but they sure know how to dress to have a good time.

During Carnaval – a dress-up festivity of Portugal – I noticed they were extremely happy. Very happy and excited. So much that they did everything to wear their costume for days, long after the holiday had passed.

One day I understood they weren’t dressing up. Those clothes weren’t costumes. That was Star being themselves. Being proud, happy and excited of dressing like their hero.

That was the day I found out about SuperStar, my child’s not-so-secret identity, and thought of a way to make hero clothes that kids can wear everyday. Not to dress copying someone else — but to be their own hero. I call it Herowear.

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DJ, SuperStar’s dad and “The Major” of WEEROES